Organised Events


Here at Tenerife Sunshine we love big events. Over the years we’ve worked closely with the most ambitious music festivals on the island, supplied tickets and travel for world-class events here and abroad and curated our own regular events. We utilise our expertise in simplifying travel and creating unique customer experiences to deliver fantastic value to our customers while preserving the integrity of any event we service.

Summer Jam Festival

The explosion of electronic music over the past six years has spawned a multitude of festivals in Tenerife and we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with them all, providing vital ticketing and promotional services for the likes of Sunblast, Arona Summer Festival, Ritmos Del Mundo and I Love Music. We’ve also applied our experience to shows from some of the biggest names in music including the recent Tom Jones concert in Santa Cruz and the upcoming Adele performance in Barcelona. For complete ticketed events solutions no company on the island comes close to the quality and variety we can offer you, why book with anyone else?

Tenerife Sunshine specialise in bundled ticket resales; creating extra value from already incredible events. We arrange accommodation close to the event itself, flights from wherever you need them, transport while you’re there and invaluable insider knowledge on the best places to eat, drink and experience, inspiring truly memorable events adventures. Or, if you’d prefer, we can create your own personal package, tailored specifically to your needs and interests.

Ritmos del Mundo Festival

For events organisers, we bridge the gap between you and your attendees, providing front line ticket resales and customer support alongside creating custom VIP packages for your most valued guests to reinforce your brand and provide superlative experiences. We can handle all your resale needs, promote your event to the lucrative English-speaking market here in Tenerife and increase your events’ impact through our excellent reputation and direct relationships with media outlets, venues and hospitality providers across the island. Get in contact with us below to start discussing what Tenerife Sunshine can do for you.

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