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Feel free to contact us using the contact form above if you have any questions regarding the excursions, island or the company or, alternatively, give us a call on one of the numbers below.

Tel/Fax:  +34 922 751867 
UK local call rate: 0844 598 7310

For ticket enquiries please call us : +34 922 796039 
UK local call rate: 0844 598 7600



Live Chat



Here at Tenerife Sunshine we always try to make a favourable impression on the people who give us their business. One of the ways we do this is to improve our visitors' website experience by increasing the quality of our customer service.

By using our LIVE CHAT our customers get a sense of warmth and personality making the interaction between our staff and the client more intimate than just swapping emails back and forth.

Visitors who use our live chat can ask as many questions as they like with as much detail as they need about our products and our services. Clients get immediate answers from our representative in real-time and because all of our staff have personal knowledge of what is involved in all of our excursions, trips and tours we are able to assist the customer in making the right purchase or selecting the best service for their needs.

With one click, customers are instantly connected to an on-line operator from 9am to 7pm 7 days per week. Your international communications are quick, easy and free.

Have a question? Get an answer. It's as easy as that.


Our Offices

You will find both of our Tenerife excursion offices in the following locations:

Tenerife Sunshine Travel Centre,  Avenida Amsterdam, LOS CRISTIANOS next to Cristian Sur Apartments

Tel: (+34) 922 751 867 ext 1
Local UK call rate: 0844 598 7310



Tenerife Sunshine Tropicana Office, SAN EUGENIO, Opposite Jardin Tropical Hotel, San Eugenio

Tel: (+34) 922 796 039
Local UK call rate: 0844 598 7600